Real Closure, If There Is Such A Thing

Goodbye, old life!
Goodbye, old life!

This is my follow-up post regarding the boxes that my ex-boyfriend sent back to me after two years.

My life is completely different than it was two years ago. I no longer have the same profession and I no longer live in the same state or even on the same coast. I haven’t seen what was in those boxes for over two years.

Therefore, with some encouragement from a dear friend, I followed my intuition. I didn’t open the boxes, but instead opted to get rid of them. I was actually dreading opening them, so I knew it was the right decision in spite of some protest from others. Sure, there were some clothes I had missed having. However, I didn’t need them or anything else contained within.

The words my friend said to me that morning on the phone still resonate in my head: You have everything you need.

I must keep moving forward. For me, that meant not backsliding by opening the boxes. I love myself too much to revisit any heartache. I have come so far on my own and I am stronger than I have ever been in my life.

If there’s anything I have been reminded of this week, it’s that every day, we get to choose. Most of what “happens” to us is an opportunity to choose differently. Choose yourself first, choose to let go, choose to defy gravity. Don’t allow the past to prevent you from soaring.


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