I’m ready!

It's My Time (source: http://blissinventive.com/)
It’s My Time (source: http://blissinventive.com/)

When my ex-boyfriend of 15 years was breaking up with me via telephone three and a half years ago, I remember I said, “I will never go through this again. I will be single the rest of my life.” If words are thoughts and thoughts become things, I may have sealed my fate, as I have been single ever since.

In retrospect, this was a good thing. I had lost both my job and the person I thought was my soulmate and I needed to regroup. My career came first. After a year of transitional jobs and a year and a half working for a business that didn’t value me, my education, or my talents, I finally landed on my feet this year at a place where I feel like I can have a career, not just a job.

I also had to finally find out that my ex-boyfriend was a lying cheater. While I never imagined reconciling, I believe I needed complete closure to move forward. In 2014, he finally returned my belongings. This year, Facebook’s strange algorithms caused me to stumble upon his not-so-secret profile, where I discovered he had been cheating on me for months, maybe years, maybe the entire relationship. While the timing was bizarre, I needed this level of closure to move forward. It’s sad, but I no longer have any feelings for him whatsoever. He was a coward who could never tell me “there’s someone else” while I struggled thinking that the failure of this relationship was my fault.

Therefore, this post is my coming out party. I am officially declaring that I am emotionally and mentally ready to date again. I am not necessarily looking for a long-term relationship, per se. I am ready for camaraderie and companionship. Since I have no desire to use a dating app or website, I am open to meeting guys through friends, as long as the first meeting isn’t a one-to-one date. I want a connection to happen naturally. If it’s meant to be, it will be. This is my bio:

I am an independent, risk-taking, dream-following, passion-loving woman who seeks like-minded men who honor freedom, individuality, honesty, openness, generosity, and kindness. I am a highly sensitive person who still cries when I watch The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz, and Frosty the Snowman. I love all living things except spiders and snakes (I’m trying to get past these phobias). I live for travel, friends, food, wine, beer, writing, music, adventure, and spontaneity. I give my all to everything I do.

If words are thoughts and thoughts become things, I may have sealed my fate with this public declaration. Bring on the dates.

Happy New Year!


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